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What About: Q&A's

Does my own sin have any consequences? When judged, will I escape because others are worse than me?<br />What does the Holy Bible say about sin?
Many people are unsure if they will live forever, the Bible is absolutely clear that we will!
What does the Bible say about us? what does God say about us?<br />Is God angry with me?<br />Does God love me?
God, loves, me, us, forgiven, free, priceless, new, beginning, life, reset, guilty, rejected,
What does the Chain Breakers Church believe? A short video to explain briefly our beliefs. Everything we do is influenced by our belief in God, we don't have enough faith to believe in anything else, or nothing at all...
Hell is it a real place or is it just a figment of superstition and Hollywood? This short video explains what the Holy Bible says about hell
Jesus Christ, for over 2000 years the most talked about, most read about, biggest influence are in world history, and He's not finished yet, here's a short video to help answer the question
Heaven, the most beautiful place beyond our wildest imagination. Here is a short video to explain a little more about heaven, and why you want to make sure it will be your home.
Unforgiveness, like filling your own rucksack with rocks that break your own back, each time we fail to forgive others we put in another rock. What does the Bible teach about real forgiveness, and why is it essential that we learn to forgive others?
What is repentance? Why is it mentioned in the Bible so often, and why nobody else can do it for us. Here is a short video to help explain repentance

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